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  Lesson Ideas

Electrical Power

This lesson will help students understand electrical power through a simple LED and light dependent resistor (LDR) circuit.  Students will use a digital multi-meter to measure current, voltage, and resistance and will investigate how the power through the circuit changes as the ambient light level changes and how this affects the LED brightness.

Contributed by Jared Barker

Basic Electrical Circuits: Series & Parallel

This lesson will reinforce the student's understanding of electical current, voltage, resistance, and the application of Ohm's Law in series and parallel circuits.  Through the hands-on activity, students will learn how to use a digital multi-meter and a breadboard.

Contributed by Jared Barker

Arduino Micro-controllers

An introduction to the Arduino system of micro-controllers.  It includes a step-by-step hands-on activity that will give students a basic understanding of how to use and program Arduinos.

Contributed by Jared Barker

Scratching the Genome

A lesson about the importance of algorithms in computer science, and how automation can make peoples lives easier. This is demonstrated by making the task of converting DNA to RNA automated.

Contributed by Brian Cain

Scratch for iPad

Contributed by Lori Rice

Stomp Rockets

At the end of the activity, students should grasp the concept of projectile motion and understand the kinematic equations. Specifically, students should understand that the vertical and horizontal coordinates are independent of each other. Students should also be able to confirm/predict the results of the activity using the kinematic equations. 

Contributed by Jared Barker