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  Lesson Ideas

Time-Lapse Photography Simplified

In this lesson, I describe how to use a Raspberry Pi with a Pi Camera or NoIR Pi Camera to collect data for time-lapse photography. If you're really lazy, you can complete all steps from Windows, and collect the data on any thumb drive.

Contributed by Mitchell Neilsen

Augmented Reality Sandbox

The AR Sandbox can be built to simulate dam bursts, rainfall, terrain, topography, and a range of other geographical topics. Source code is available for anyone that wants to add capabilities as this project should be good for demonstrations of forces on a larger scale such as tectonic motion and weather simulations. It uses a projector, a kinect, and a large sandbox filled with play sand.

The materials added here will include a link to some videos demonstrating some possibilities of the sandbox, an offline copy of the main website (basically just the HTML) in case the site goes down, and a link to the online version of that website just in case it gets updated. Additional materials will be added over time as we develop our own.

Contributed by Nicholas Boen

Lesson Ideas Brainstorming Session - Summer Institute - June 13, 2014

Fellow lesson plan ideas for the 2014-2015 school year.

Contributed by Zac Throneburg

Scratch for Arduino (S4A) and Electromyography (EMG) Sensors

Using Scratch for Arduino (S4A) to gather EMG Sensor signals to control a relay.

Contributed by Mitchell Neilsen

Scratch Shooter

A Scratch tutorial for creating a scrolling shooter game featuring WWII pacific theater sprites.

Starter Project





Contributed by Nathan Bean

Photosynthesis and respiration

An in-progress scratch program to model the internal workings of a plant.

Contributed by James Shaffer