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  Lesson Ideas

Test Lesson


Contributed by Mitchell Neilsen

Advances in Phenotyping

Slides from Jesse Poland's talk on advances in phenotyping.

Contributed by Mitchell Neilsen

CNC Machine

This project describes stepper motors and CNC machines. The examples are given using a Shapeoko 2 CNC Machine with a gShield/Arduino controller.

Contributed by Mitchell Neilsen

Engineering Design

This powerpoint will introduce the engineering design process.  It includes videos for each step of the process. The worksheet that goes with it is easily modified for students who need some accomodations.

Contributed by Nathan Bean

DNA Isolation

This is a simple procedure to isolate DNA using only common household materials. The entire procedure can be completed in under 30 minutes. It is a good opportunity to discuss cellular structure and osmosis, and for students to work on their measuring and observational skills. 

Contributed by James Shaffer

Pixel Generator

Here is a fun little scratch program that scans/prints a sprite. It could be used to talk about image file formats.



Contributed by James Shaffer