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    A new National Science Foundation GK-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fellowship Program entitled Infusing System Design and Sensor Technology in Education, or INSIGHT, kicked off this week at K-State.

    The Summer Institute runs through June 25.

    This project integrates sensor technology with computing and information science in a standards-based science, technology and engineering curricula. Project activities team GK-12 STEM Fellows with science, technology and physical education K-12 teachers. Activities include both summer and academic year training in rural Kansas schools.

    In the summer, project staff provides fellows and teachers with training in hands-on, sensor-driven science, engineering and technology development and appropriate pedagogical strategies. During the academic year, fellows support participating teachers in the classroom two times a week with content-specific sensor technology.

    The novel aspects of this program include its focus on the technology and engineering aspects of STEM education and on the use of sensors, computing and information technology as the enabling element to facilitate hands-on technology and engineering education in areas related to cyber-physical systems in health and precision agriculture.

    Five GK-12 STEM Fellows will participate this year, along with 10 K-12 teachers from rural Kansas. The GK-12 STEM Fellows are Scott Bell from computing and information sciences, Dan Bigham from biological and agricultural engineering, Joe Dvorak from biological and agricultural engineering, Brad Kurtz and Matt Miller from computing and information sciences.

    From K-Statement, link: http://www.k-state.edu/media/k-statement/vol32/61610obtw.html#nsf