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  What is INSIGHT?

Infusing System Design and Sensor Technology in Education (INSIGHT) integrates sensor technology with computing and information science in a standards-based science, technology, and engineering curricula. Project activities team GK-12 Graduate STEM fellows with science, technology, and physical education Teachers in upper elementary through high school classrooms. Activities include both summer activities at K-State and academic year training in rural Kansas schools.

In the summer, project staff provide Fellows and Teachers with training and hands-on, sensor-driven science, engineering, and technology development and appropriate pedagogical strategies. During the academic year, Fellows support Participating Teachers in the classroom two times a week with content-specific sensor technology. INSIGHT focuses on the technology and engineering aspects of STEM education and on the use of sensors, computing, and information technology as the enabling element to facilitate hands-on technology and engineering education in areas related to telemedicine and precision agriculture.

INSIGHT seeks to accelerate the integration of sensor technology content into Kansas science and technology classes. The curriculum developed is aligned with state curriculum standards. The goal of this project is to enhance the usefulness, practicality, and relevance of sensor technology in education by linking sensor research with Kansas high school science and technology curriculum, and provide communication and research opportunities in sensor technology for graduate students in engineering. This project encourages participation from a wide and diverse group of Students, Teachers, and GK-12 STEM Fellows.