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  Lesson Ideas

Sound Waves

Introduce different technologies relating to sound waves.

Contributed by Brian Cain

Scratch Intro Lesson

Introduce students to Scratch and have them make a quiz

Contributed by Brian Cain

Thermometer Lesson

Get students introduced to Sensors, the scientific method, and scientific observation.

Contributed by Brian Cain


WiiMotes, the controllers for the Nintendo Wii, can be used with any bluetooth-equipped computer.  INSIGHT participants have made good use of this to teach a variety of physics topics.

Contributed by Nathan Bean

Speaker Lesson

In this activity, we build a speaker from a styrofoam cup a couple of magnets and speaker wire.  It's amazingly easy to do and the sound is really good (though the volume is a bit quiet).  I will include my instructions for the students and a copy of the original article where I got the idea and plans from (as well as a list of the materials needed).


Here is a link to the article it comes from:


Contributed by Scott Bell