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  Continuing Education Credit

Teachers have the option of earning 2 hours of academic credit while attending the Summer Institute. The tuition for the course will be covered by project funds.

Course Details

EDCI 866 Seminar: Science Research in the Classroom
iSIS Course Number 11141
Credit 2 Graduate hours
Instructor of Record Jacqueline D. Spears

Eligibility for Academic Credit: Workshop participants can receive credit for two summers of involvement with the project. During the summer institute, those receiving academic credit are expected to participate in all workshop activities (as are all project participants). During the second summer, those receiving academic credit are also required to submit a reflection paper (5-7 pages) describing how the goals of the project have impacted your classroom. The reflection paper is due approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the workshop. More detailed instructions will be given at the workshop.

Enrolling in the Course

To enroll in the course you must (1) be registered as a K-State Student, (2) have and EID, and (3) enroll using iSIS. The following sections break out each step. Skip ahead if you already have completed one.

Applying to K-State

Before you can take K-State courses, you need to first apply for admission as a graduate student. This is true any time you have taken time away from K-State, even if you have a prior degree. The application for graduate admission can be reached here.

To ensure a smooth enrollment process, please select Summer 2013 as when you would like to begin classes in Step 1. To avoid an application fee, be certain that you select Non-Degree and Education Non-Degree in Step 6 - Academic Information.

If you would like a visual walk-through for the application process, the following video may help:

Obtaining an EID

You will need an EID to access K-State's systems, including the full features of the INSIGHT webpage. You can obtain one, or recover a lost one, here. EID passwords are changed twice a year, so if you had one in the past and didn't change the password, you will need to reset it.

You will also need to enter your Wildcat ID number to syncronize your K-State student records with your electronic identity. Your Wildcat ID number will be assigned to you when you are officially accepted into K-State. You can also syncronize your accounts at a later date by returning to here.

Enrolling in iSIS

The final step, enrollment, requires you to both be accepted to K-State for the Summer 2013 semester and have a current EID and password. You will log into K-State's iSIS system here using your eid and password. Once logged in, navigate to your student center and click the "enroll" link the the upper-left-hand corner, under the "Academics" heading. You will then be prompted to select the term - check Summer 2013 and click "continue".

Next, you will be prompted to select the classes to add. The course number you will want to use is 11141, and should be entered in the text field in the middle of the page labeled: "Add to Cart: Enter Class Nbr". Then click the "enter" button. Once the class appears in your cart, click the buttons for "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" and "Proceed to Step 3 of 3" in order. Once you've finished the process, you should be enrolled.

If you see a message "You do not have an enrollment appointment at this time" at any point in the process, it means that you have not been accepted to Kansas State for the summer semester, and need to apply (see the section "Applying to K-State" above).

If you would like to see a visual walk-through of the process, the following video may help: