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  Summer Institute Session Archive

  • Scratch Board and S4A

    June 04 2013 [Archived]

    Add a sensor board to your Scratch programming activities!

  • Scratch Programming Lab

    June 04 2013 [Archived]

    Hands-on continuation of Scratch programming.

  • Intro to Programming with Scratch

    June 04 2013 [Archived]

    Scratch is a graphical programming language with a drag-and-drop design interface developed at MIT.  With rich support for multimedia and a robust online community, Scratch is a wonderful tool for introducing students to programming while developing creative thinking, systematic reasoning, and collaboration. 

    The official Scratch 2.0 page is here: 


    And Scratch 1.4 version (the non-online version) used in the presentation can be downloaded here:


    Scratch is also very modifiable, allowing new features to be added.  Some of the best known Scratch mods are:

    Snap/BYOB adds additional blocks, the ability to build your own blocks, and enables communication between Snap applications using a local network:


    A variant of the Snap mod is BirdBrain Snap v0.2, which can control Finch and Hummingbird robots:


    Enchanting is a Scratch Mod that allows you to program LEGO Mindstorm roboots:


    Many more Scratch mods can be found on the Scratch wiki:


  • Presentation of Module Ideas

    June 15 2012 [Archived]

    Watch the archived video

    INSIGHT Teachers and Fellows present the ideas they have developed over the two-week summer institute.

  • Laser Light Security Grid

    June 14 2012 [Archived]

    Watch the archived video

    Former INSIGHT Fellow Scott Bell leads a hands-on actiivty about laser light, where participants try to build and then foil a laser security grid.